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Download [The AmericaPack Summit]

The AmericaPack Summit (.pdf)

by Marcus Evans Packaging Events

The AmericaPack Summit will take place from 23rd to 24th February 2015

Download [System Components]

System Components (.pdf)

by FMP Technology

System components for FMP slot die coating

Download [Modernisation of Existing Coating Lines]

Modernisation of Existing Coating Lines (.pdf)

by FMP Technology

Modernisation of existing coating lines with FMP slot dies

Download [Feeding and Degassing Systems]

Feeding and Degassing Systems (.pdf)

by FMP Technology

Feeding and Degassing systems for defect free slot die coating

Download [Fabrication of Functional Nanoparticulate Coating]

Fabrication of Functional Nanoparticulate Coating (.pdf)

by FMP Technology

Fabrication of Functional Nanoparticulate Coating in the Submicrometre...

Download [High-Performance Adhesive Tie Resin]

High-Performance Adhesive Tie Resin (.pdf)

by Plasfilms

Plasfilms have an exclusive distribution agreement for the supply of M...

Download [Taghleef Industries]

Taghleef Industries (.pdf)

by Plasfilms

Plasfilms are the official UK distributor for Tahgleef's range of ISO ...

Download [Sanzip Re-closable Zippers]

Sanzip Re-closable Zippers (.pdf)

by Plasfilms

Plasfilms offer Sanzip re-closable zippers from leading Japanese suppl...

Download [KWH Plast Schur]

KWH Plast Schur (.pdf)

by Plasfilms

Plasfilms deliver KWH Plast Schur's range of multilayer cast extrusion...