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Zeller & Gmelin

Germany Section: Coatings, Inks and Chemicals | Category: Print & Apply | Inks and Coatings | Ink Formulation

Zeller & Gmelin was founded in 1866, and is a medium sized independent company with extensive international connections. The customer is our primary focus at all times, and everything we do is directed towards the needs of our chosen markets.

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Zepf Technologies UK

United Kingdom Section: Product Design, Development and Technology | Category: Machine Guarding | Design | Container & Componen... | Quick Release Neck G... | Quick Release Height...

Zepf Technologies UK is a modern progressive company established in 1994 and based in Cumbernauld, Scotland. On the home market, our major customers are within the Scotch whisky industry where, despite the traditional high demand of engineers and operator

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Zero Manufacturing, Inc.

USA Section: Product Design, Development and Technology | Category: Aluminium Product De... | Packaging Design and... | Cargo Containers | Plastic Containers | Packaging Containers

Zero Manufacturing, Inc. began as a metal shop in a small facility in southern California. Originally Zierold Metal Corp, many people had difficulty pronouncing the name Zierold so, in 1952, new owner Jack B. Gilbert renamed it Zero Manufacturing.

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Zotefoams plc

United Kingdom Section: Package Protection | Category: Foam Packaging | Closed-Cell Foam | Crosslinked Foam | Foam | Protective Packaging

Zotefoams plc (LSE - ZTF) is the world's leading producer of lightweight, cross-linked, closed-cell block foams.These pure, consistent foams are manufactured using a unique environmentally friendly nitrogen expansion technology.

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  • S+S Separation and Sorting Technology

    Separation System, Sorting Systems, Packaging Inspection, Inspection Systems, Process Systems, Contaminant Detection, Food Inspection, X-ray Inspection, Packaging Food Inspection

  • Colordyne Technologies

    Colordyne Technologies, Digital Color Print

  • Plasfilms

    BOPP Films, CPP Films, Heat Shrink Films

  • Redpack Packaging Machinery

    Redpack, Redpack Packaging Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Flow Wrapping, Flow Wrap, Flow Packing, Flow Wrapping UK, Flowwrap, Flowrapping

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    RingCrown Ring Pull Cap, RipCap Ring Pull Cap, Finn-Korkki