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Lane Packaging Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Packaging Materials: Plastic | Category: General Packaging Ma...

Lane Packaging was founded in 1985, and continues to be one of the foremost distributors of packaging materials in Southern England. The owners, Michael and Gordon Lane, are proud of their heritage.

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Spain Section: Product Design, Development and Technology | Category: Punches and Dies | Printing and Packagi... | Printing Consumables | Packaging Support/Sp... | Micro Perforating Wh...

Lartec is a specialist manufacturer of high quality flexible magnetic cutting dies for the label and packing industry. With more than 15 years experience in the flexible die business and supplies customers in more than 50 countries.

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Leister Technologies AG

Switzerland Section: Packaging Machinery | Category: Heaters and Heating ... | Twin Screw Extruders | Cooling, Warming & D... | Air Blowers | Heat Sealing Machine...

Wherever you need to apply heat, Leister provides the ideal solution for Logistics, Packaging and Food Industry. We have been the worldwide leader in the field of plastic welding and hot-air blowers for over 50 years.

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Limpet Tapes Limited

United Kingdom Section: Adhesives | Category: Adhesive Tapes

Formed in 1972 to pioneer the economic use of self-adhesive filmic case sealing tapes and innovative derivations in the British packaging industry, Limpet Tapes Ltd has since established a position as market leader in printed tapes.

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Link Print & Packaging Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Labelling | Category: Labelling Machines

Link Print and Packaging provide real solutions for companies who need to code, mark, or label their products.

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Linx Printing Technologies Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Barcoding | Category: Marking Machines | Packaging Support/Sp... | Pharmaceutical Packa... | Barcode | Outer Case Labelling

Linx Printing Technologies, part of the Danaher Group's Product Identification platform, is a leading global supplier of industrial ink jet printers, industrial laser printers, large character printers and thermal transfer coders.

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Lloyd Instruments Ltd.

United Kingdom Section: Development Testing | Category: Packaging Testing

Lloyd Instruments is a leading manufacturer of materials testing machines for tensile, compression, and flexural test applications. Used in quality control departments, laboratories, production, research and universities worldwide, the company supplies

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Loadhog Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Pallets | Category: Plastic Lid | Pallets | Pallet Boxes | Hazardous Goods Pack... | General Distribution...

Loadhog Ltd offer a range of secure reusable containment systems and returnable packaging solutions including the Self-Securing Pallet Lid and Pally - The Pallet & Dolly in One Unit.

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Logopak International Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Labelling | Category: Software Application... | Labelling Systems | Labelling Solutions | Labelling Machines | Label Printing Techn...

Since our conception as a company in 1978 and the market events that directed us into creating the technology of print & apply labelling in 1983, long before most of our competitors.

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Lynx Packaging Supplies

United Kingdom Section: Shrink and Stretchwrap Packaging | Category: Stretchwrap

Lynx Packaging Supplies was formed in 1997 and has experienced a rapid, healthy growth through its early years.

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  • Marcus Evans

  • Dantex Graphic Limited

    Digital Label Printing Systems, High Speed UV Flexo Plate System, Water Wash Plate Processing

  • AGC Instruments Ltd.

    Gas Analysers, Gas Analysis Solutions, Portable Gas Analysers, Gas Analysis, Map-Pak Gas Analysers, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP

  • Menges Roller Company

    Menges, Menges Roller, Heat Transfer Rollers, Chill Rollers, Large-Sized Process Rollers, Complete Line of Engineering, Industrial Rollers, Packaging Rollers, Elastomer-Covered Rolls, Covered Rolls

  • S+S Separation and Sorting Technology

    Separation System, Sorting Systems, Packaging Inspection, Inspection Systems, Process Systems, Contaminant Detection, Food Inspection, X-ray Inspection, Packaging Food Inspection