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Dansensor A/S Logo

Dansensor A/S

Denmark Section: Packaging Machine Repairs, Parts and Refurbishment | Category: Leak Detection Syste... | Permeability Testers | Modified Atmosphere ... | Gas Detection | Inspection Systems

Gas testing and analysis equipment from PBI-Dansensor draws on the companies 25 years of experience in development, manufacturing and marketing.

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FMP Technology

FMP Technology

Germany Section: Gas, Air and Atmospheric Packaging | Category: Multilayer Coating | Gas Detection | Development Testing | Cooling, Warming & D... | Coextrusion Sheet

FMP Technology have a dedicated R&D department which, using their fluid mechanics background, research improved solutions to current technologies on the market and develop new solutions for the packaging industry.

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Impact Solutions Logo

Impact Solutions

United Kingdom Section: Development Testing | Category: Packaging Line Consu... | Packaging Design and... | Materials Testing | Plastic Packaging | Plastics

Impact Solutions are one of a handful of European test houses that can test UN packaging. They provide a comprehensive range of certification services serving UN packaging, consumer packaging and automotive.

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Jaso Oy Logo

Jaso Oy

Finland Section: Package Protection | Category: Measurement & Inspec... | Image Analysis | Camera Systems | Test & Analysis | Inspecting Machines

Jaso Oy high speed cameras can take up to 1 million frames per second, allowing you to watch the film back in super slow motion and find any errors that may be occurring within the production line.

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Mecmesin Ltd

United Kingdom Category: Peel Testing | Inspecting Machines | Top Load Testing | Friction Testing Equ... | Test & Analysis

Mecmesin offers force and torque test equipment ranging from simple, handheld testers, such as a digital force gauge, to fully comprehensive computer-controlled test systems. Our top-of-the-range products provide full programming capability and evalu

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Packaging International - image

RDM Test Equipment Co.

United Kingdom Section: Development Testing | Category: Materials Testing | Leak Detection Syste... | Heating Systems | Measuring Equipment | Permeability Testers

For more than 20 years RDM Test Equipment has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of materials testing equipment to the flexible packaging industry.

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Systech Illinois (Systech Instruments Ltd)

United Kingdom Section: Gas, Air and Atmospheric Packaging | Category: Films | Packaging Testing | Controlled Atmospher... | Bottle/Cap Inspectio... | Permeability Testers

Systech Instruments offer a wide range of packaging test and analysis products, including proven solutions for gas analysis of food and pharmaceutical packaging.

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Packaging International - image

Witt-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG

Germany Section: Gas, Air and Atmospheric Packaging | Category: Leak Detection Syste... | Inspecting Machines | Gases, Food-Grade, C... | Gas Mixers for Modif... | Gas Detection

WITT manufactures mixing, metering and control equipment as well as analysing systems and safety equipment for all common gases. The number 1 in MAP gas technology. MAP- leak detection systems MAP- mixing and metering systems MAP- analysers.

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