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Canby Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Carrier Bags and Boxes | Category: Reusable Packaging | Reusable Bags | Retail Ready Packagi... | Retailers | Point of Sale Packag...

Canby are UK suppliers of jute, hessian and cotton packaging. These materials can be reused time and time again. Canby offer a range of reusable, natural promotional packaging and bags.

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Clifford Packaging Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Product Design, Development and Technology | Category: Reusable Packaging | Packaging Carton Art... | Corrugated Cases | Cardboard Boxes | Branding

Endorsed by unrivalled service levels. A specialist who supplies Retail Ready Packaging, POP or outer cases into the food and drinks sector, and other FMCG industries.

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Didak Injection

Belgium Section: Bottle Production | Category: Reusable Packaging | Plastic Pallets | Plastic Cases | Crates | Boxes/Cartons/Cases

DIDAK INJECTION is a leading company in the business of thermoplastic injection-moulding. It has a state-of-the-art, well-maintained collection of more than 20 machines with a clamping force of between 20 tonnes (from 5 g PE upwards) and 1500 tonnes.

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Israel Section: Packaging Materials: Plastic | Category: Reusable Packaging | Plastics - Polymers | Pallets | General Packaging Ma... | Transport Packaging

To cut packaging waste Plasgad's range of plastic crates, tubs, boxes and trays are designed as reusable packaging. Engineered to be easy-to-clean and use, Plasgad's products are cost-effective and efficient in operation.

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Poly C Reclaimers

United Kingdom Section: Bottle Production | Category: Plastics | Plastic Pallets | Wraps | Slider Bags | Shrink Wrapping

Poly C. Reclaimers are specialized recyclers for all plastics. Poly C. Reclaimers was founded at the dawn of the new millennium in order to assist in the regeneration of Britain's energy resources by placing waste materials into the recycling chain.

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