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Faerch Plast A/S

Denmark Section: Bottle Production | Category: Case/Tray Sealing Ma... | General Packaging Ma... | Trays | Bottles/Jars | Plastic Containers

Our packaging is well suited to both manual and automated packaging lines with automatic denesting, filling and conveying.

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Impact Solutions Logo

Impact Solutions

United Kingdom Section: Development Testing | Category: Materials Testing | Packaging Consultanc... | Plastics & Rubber Te... | Packaging Line Consu... | Test & Analysis

Impact Solutions are one of a handful of European test houses that can test UN packaging with the full range of model liquids and customer own products this includes plastic, fibreboard and combination packages.

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Innovia Films Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Labelling | Category: Clear Labels | Cosmetics Packaging | Printed Labels | Biodegradable Materi... | Plastic Packaging

Our ability to design and produce high performance coated BOPP packaging means we are the supplier of choice in many demanding applications

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Loadhog Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Pallets | Category: Pallet Lid | Pallet Boxes | Packaging Containers | General Distribution... | Containers

Loadhog design and manufacture innovative plastic transit packaging solutions for the retail industry designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Packaging International - image


Israel Section: Material Handling | Category: Plastic Cups | Transport Packaging | Plastics | Reusable Packaging | Point of Sale Packag...

Plasgad's product range includes many plastic packaging items, including point of sale and retail ready packaging: display crates, tilt bins, clear and opaque boxes and plastic pallets.

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Pont Packaging

United Kingdom Section: Caps and Closures | Category: Printed Plastic Pack... | Speciality Food Cont... | Plastic Bottles | Kilner Jars | Child Resistant Caps

Solutions for Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Food, Drink, Industrial and Chemical Businesses.

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Robins Paper Bag Co Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Packaging Materials: Plastic | Category: Flexographic Printin... | Bags- Resealable | Plastic Packaging | Carriers | Printed Plastic Pack...

Welcome to Robins Packaging Warehouse - the UK's premier supplier of printed carrier bags. We manufacture a wide range of printed carrier bags at our UK factory in Canterbury, Kent, and we deliver finished products from the Packaging Warehouse to cust

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Schoeller Arca Solutions

Schoeller Arca Systems

Netherlands Section: Containers | Category: Plastic Pallets | Plastic Intermediate... | Plastic Boxes | Industrial Bulk Cont... | Container/Material M...

Schoeller Arca Systems' mission is to support its customers in gaining better returns by improving their supply chain efficiency and by increasing their sales through more attractive product branding.

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Soluble Technology Limited

United Kingdom Section: Soluble Packaging | Category: General Packaging Ma... | Form, Fill & Seal Ma... | Fill & Seal Machines | Contract Packaging/C... | Bag and Sack Filling...

Increasing environmental pressures are forcing industry to consider the implications that their choice of packaging can have on the end user and their surroundings.

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Sterilin Packaging Products


United Kingdom Section: Bottle Production | Category: Screw Caps | Plastic Packaging | Plastic Bottles | PE Bottles & Jars | Jugs

Plastic Packaging manufactures a comprehensive range of plastic bottles, closures, jugs, beakers and containers in a choice of polymers including LDPE, HDPE and PP. Bottles are a particular speciality with capacities ranging from 30ml to 2000ml and neck s

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