Companies supplying Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Equipment

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AGC Instruments Ltd

AGC Instruments Ltd.

Ireland, Republic Of Section: Gas, Air and Atmospheric Packaging | Category: Airfilled Packaging ... | Modified Atmosphere ... | Gas Analysers | Packaging Support/Sp... | Gas Detection

AGC Instruments Ltd are leading manufacturers of Gas Analysis Solutions offering Quality Control solutions for those in the food industry. AGC create products that monitor the residual gas content in packaging.

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Alert Packaging Limited

Alert Packaging Limited

Ireland, Republic Of Section: Cases and Trays | Category: Microwave Film | Films | Biodegradable Materi... | Bags/Pouches | Barrier Films

Barrier films from Alert Packaging can be used in combination with Modified Atmosphere Packaging to help increase a products shelf life.

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Dansensor A/S Logo

Dansensor A/S

Denmark Section: Packaging Machine Repairs, Parts and Refurbishment | Category: Leak Detection Syste... | Packaging Inspection | Gas Analysers | Gases, Food-Grade, C... | Controlled Atmospher...

Modifies Atmosphere packaging equipment from PBI-Dansensor is used by leading MAP food producers who require proven quality assurance for their products.

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Rychiger AG

Switzerland Section: Cases and Trays | Category: Filling Machines | Ready Meal Lines | Packaging for Ready ... | Modified Atmosphere ... | Tray Sealers

Introducing Hans Rychiger AGHans Rychiger AG was founded in 1918. At first it was a repair shop for bikes, cars, and mechanical devices. However, in 1927 the construction of special machines had already begun.

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Systech Illinois (Systech Instruments Ltd)

United Kingdom Section: Gas, Air and Atmospheric Packaging | Category: Foil | Quality Control | Laminates | Controlled Atmospher... | Permeation Measureme...

Systech Instruments offer fast, accurate headspace analysis for gas flushed food and pharmaceutical products with the Gaspace range. Testing of all pack sizes from 5cc to large packs, rigid cans and jars.

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Vacuum Barrier Systems (VBS) SPRL

Belgium Section: Package Protection | Category: Conveyors | Modified Atmosphere ... | Liquid Nitrogen Dosi... | Pipes, Sludge Pipes ... | Cryogenic Transfer S...

Inerting bottles and thin wall cans with Liquid Nitrogen in modified atmosphere applications extends shelf life, maintains taste, reduces oxygen absorption and eliminates paneling.

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VC999 Packaging Systems AG

Switzerland Section: Package Protection | Category: Trays | Tray Sealers | Skin Packing | Conveyors | Bags/Pouches

VC999 supply vacuum packaging systems to the food, beverage and non-food industries with the possibility of flexible and efficient solutions including MAP (modified atmosphere).

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Witt-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG

Germany Section: Gas, Air and Atmospheric Packaging | Category: Modified Atmosphere ... | Gases, Food-Grade, C... | Gas Mixers for Modif... | Electronic Flow Cont... | Controls

WITT manufactures mixing, metering and control equipment as well as analysing systems and safety equipment for all common gases. The number 1 in MAP gas technology. MAP- leak detection systems MAP- mixing and metering systems MAP- analysers.

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  • Dantex Graphic Limited

    Digital Label Printing Systems, High Speed UV Flexo Plate System, Water Wash Plate Processing

  • AGC Instruments Ltd.

    Gas Analysers, Gas Analysis Solutions, Portable Gas Analysers, Gas Analysis, Map-Pak Gas Analysers, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP

  • Menges Roller Company

    Menges, Menges Roller, Heat Transfer Rollers, Chill Rollers, Large-Sized Process Rollers, Complete Line of Engineering, Industrial Rollers, Packaging Rollers, Elastomer-Covered Rolls, Covered Rolls

  • S+S Separation and Sorting Technology

    Separation System, Sorting Systems, Packaging Inspection, Inspection Systems, Process Systems, Contaminant Detection, Food Inspection, X-ray Inspection, Packaging Food Inspection