Packaging International News Archives - July 2012

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Week 1 - July 2012

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Britvic Recalls Robinsons Fruit Shoot Amid Safety Concerns

Posted by Jack Beresford - Packaging International Reporter on 13:55:00

Britvic have recalled all Robinson Fruit Shoots and Fruit Shoot Hydro featuring the new 'spill proof Magicap' due to a packaging safety issu...

Week 2 - July 2012

Anti Plain Cigarette Packaging Ad Campaign Launched

Posted by Faith Stone - Packaging International Reporter on 09:00:00

JTI have launched a national advertising campaign, highlighting the dangers of introducing plain cigarette packaging and the lack of evidenc...

Intelligent Packaging Sensor

Bemis and Thin Film Work On Intelligent Packaging

Posted by Paul Fiddian - Packaging International's Lead Reporter on 10:15:00

Bemis has joined forces with Thin Film Electronics to create a new generation of intelligent food and drugs packaging