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Ecostacker Container Offers Spill-Free Pours

Posted by Packaging International's Technology Reporter on 17/04/2012 - 13:05:00

Ecostacker Container

A new range of plastic containers for toxic materials has been launched that promises to allow spill-free pours. Described by its designers as user-friendly and safe, the Ecostacker is intended to provide a solution to commonly-found logistical, environmental and operational issues associated with plastic containers.

The Ecostacker is the result of a collaboration between Nexus Packaging and RPC Containers UKSC and, they say, its safety, stability, robustness and low-cost are all unrivalled.

The spill-free pour capability comes courtesy of the Ecostacker's Safepour system, created by RPC Design. Traditional necked containers tend to produce some spillage at the pouring stage and this presents several problems. Not only can the leaked material pose a major hazard but cleaning it up can consume resources that might, otherwise, be occupied with more productive tasks.

Spill-Free Pours

The Ecostacker's spill-free pour system works against this glugging issue by allowing air to enter the Ecostacker's neck even when the container's completely full. That creates equal pressure outside and inside the container and, as a result, liquid flows out of the Ecostacker at a constant pour rate.

So effective is the Ecostacker that the United Nations has recently given the design its approval for hazardous goods transportation.

The Ecostacker also incorporates a novel interlocking system, allowing multiple Ecostackers to fit together. Consequently, a stacked array of Ecostackers can be transported at 90 per cent of the costs involved with moving around older, 20 litre-sized plastic containers or 85 per cent of the costs for 25 litre drums.

Ecostacker Container

Finally, the Ecostacker container is entirely recyclable and can be manufactured in line with specific customer requests.

‘Our 20 litre Ecostacker drum can be stacked 18 per layer on a standard 1000mm x 1200mm pallet reducing transport costs by over 10% on existing 20 litre drums', the Ecostacker website states. ‘Our 25 litre Ecostacker drum can also be stacked 18 per layer on a standard 1000mm x 1200mm pallet reducing transport costs by over 15% on existing 25 litre drums.'

Ecostacker Image copyright Nexus Group

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