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Corrugated Packaging and UK Packing Industry Receive Praise

Posted by Christine Alford - Packaging International Reporter on 10/08/2012 - 05:55:00

Corrugated Packaging Industry Praise

According to a recent survey commissioned by the Confederation of Paper Institutes (CPI) Corrugated Sector, corrugated retail ready packaging (RRP) is increasingly becoming a must in the UK food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Data collected from a 100 companies found that 79% of respondents rated corrugated retail ready packaging as their first choice material. Also, 83% agreed with the statement that ‘corrugated RRP helps promote product or brand in store.'

Currently, the demand for products that have attractive and environmentally friendly packaging is growing and corrugated packaging is being held as the material that can help with this growth. The survey found that corrugated packaging used on products has optimised the appearance and performance of the brand.

Corrugated Packaging Industry Praised

The UK's corrugated packaging industry has been seen as being at the forefront of innovation in this area. It is producing retail ready packaging that is not only sustainable but also has quality printing, which is eye catching and attractive to consumers at point of sail.

The survey also studied green issues and found that out of the companies that were asked the majority held that corrugated RRP helped reach governmental green targets.

The results from the survey are believed to have confirmed to the CPI that corrugated cardboard is the complete packaging solution for transit and point of sale. The corrugated packaging has been deemed as the most sustainable material that can fulfil the logistical expectations of the food and beverage industry in the UK.

The director of the Packaging Affairs, Andy Barneston, has commented: "To meet the expectation of the food and drinks industry the corrugated packaging sector in the UK is pioneering packaging solutions that bring increased sustainability to the supply chain as well as investing significantly in new equipment."

More than 80% of the corrugated packaging is recycled. With this percentage the industry can boast the best the recycling record in the country. Also, the packing is protective to goods and space efficient when in transit which means fewer lorries on the road.

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