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2012-2013 Global Packaging Industry Survey

Posted by Paul Fiddian - Packaging International's Lead Reporter on 22/05/2012 - 11:45:00

Global Packaging Survey

A brand new globally-relevant packaging industry report has been added to the database, it’s been announced. 105 pages long, it examines forecast shifts in the packaging industry’s procurement costs, corporate strategies and methods in coming months.

Assessing the present scope of the packaging industry’s advertising and marketing budgets, the Business Outlook Survey 2012-2013 predicts short-term changes as far as supplier selection, outlooks, and budgets are concerned, also looking as the challenges now faced by the industry.

Global Packaging Survey

Canadean points out that the Global Packaging Industry CEO Business Outlook Survey 2012-2013 is unlike other previously-released global packaging surveys, in that it taps straight into the opinions and practises undertaken by key packaging industry figureheads, and its publication follows an in-depth set of surveys.

The majority of those at the highest level of global packaging believe that the coming 12 months will see much more in the way of consolidation take place, with larger firms keen to acquire smaller, more specialised firms to boost their key strengths, lower costs and, potentially, be able to rapidly break into new markets.

2012-2013 Packaging Industry

As far as emerging markets are concerned, the executives point to China, India and the Middle East as the 2012-2013 packaging industry’s key locations to watch. Meanwhile, the majority say that raw material prices are the present moment’s key business concerns, while ‘level of service’, ‘quality’ and ‘price’ top the list of attributes studied when a new supplier’s being sought. On average, the packaging executives say their 2012 procurement budget is expected to reach $85 million, with an 11.5 per cent increase projected for the coming year. Meanwhile, there’s also expected to be much more investment placed into ‘IT infrastructure development’, especially as social media, email and newsletters are now more highly-rated advertising tools than radio, television and newspapers.

For packaging businesses, this report offers many features and benefits. Potentially, once read, it could help boost revenues through offering deep insight into key growth regions and future areas of investment. It could also help develop effective sales and marketing plans through pinpointing the impact of buyer’s budgets on future expenditure and provide a platform for improved promotion, closely-matched to customer requirements.

Priced from £1,280 upwards, the Global Packaging Industry CEO Business Outlook Survey 2012-2013 was produced by market research firm Canadean.

French-based describes itself as a professional search engine with access to well over one million individual reports related to over 320 globally-reaching industries. New reports are added to every single day, with the Global Packaging Industry CEO Business Outlook Survey 2012-2013 being one of its latest additions.

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