Glossary - Barcode

A code commonly used to identify consumer products for inventory control that can be read by a laser scanner. Barcodes consist of a variously patterned group of printed bars, spaces and numerals, which are unique to a specific product. When scanned and read into computer memory this code identifies the product and provides a small amount of information relating to it.

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  • S+S Separation and Sorting Technology

    Separation System, Sorting Systems, Packaging Inspection, Inspection Systems, Process Systems, Contaminant Detection, Food Inspection, X-ray Inspection, Packaging Food Inspection

  • Colordyne Technologies

    Colordyne Technologies, Digital Color Print

  • Plasfilms

    BOPP Films, CPP Films, Heat Shrink Films

  • Redpack Packaging Machinery

    Redpack, Redpack Packaging Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Flow Wrapping, Flow Wrap, Flow Packing, Flow Wrapping UK, Flowwrap, Flowrapping