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Industrial Packaging

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I currently work as a freelance designer for a relocations firm (international moving). The company currently uses standard corrugated boxes that come in 4 sizes: Small Moving Boxes (16"x10"x10") Medium Moving Boxes (18x14x12) Large Moving Boxes (20x20x15) - best suited for a mix of some heavy household goods combined with some light items. Extra Large Moving...

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Food and Drink Packaging

Jon Wear

Hi I work for a small chain of restaurants I'm currently in charge of looking for machines to can and seal our own sauces. However I'm not sure which would be the right kind of machines since a lot of our sauces use heavy whipping cream.

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Mr. Christoph Schaible

Sir, We are in need of system for handling the glass rod . The system should pick the Glass rod from horizontal position & rotate to vertical position then carry the product a distance of 15meters .Please contact us if you design & supply us the system .

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Bernd Staudt

(1) In EU, there must be many company use Huber’s inks to control migration, and what is the test standard? (2) In EU, what is test scope of low migration about paperboard with inks(colorful carton)? (3) If we use MGA series, what we must do to control low migration ? (4) Can you give me some material or some case or certain person whose pressroom change from...

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