Heavy Duty Clamp Attachments up to 450kgs

Packline Limited

Category: Clamp Attachments | 10/02/2010 - 11:26:05

This new and unique Heavy Duty Clamp attachment from Packline, combined with Logitrans Denmark's Heavy Duty Lifter Unit, solves a wide range of large and heavy duty lifting problems. Packline and Logitrans collaborated to create this revolutionary new design project.

(CLE5996-1 Clamp 500-800 dia.)

This style of clamp operates by having one fixed pad and one moving arm where the pad self-aligns to grip the reel.
The moving arm is operated via a powerful linear actuator with a built-in torque unit to ensure that the appropriate level of grip is achieved.

Heavy Duty Lifting and Handling Equipment

The actuator removes the need for hydraulics which is not suitable for some industries.

The clamp can be rotated sideways via the electrical rotation mechanism. This smooth rotation is operated via a pendant handset. The clamp can be rotated up to 180 degrees to re-orientate reels easily.

Heavy Duty Reel Lifter Clamp Attachment - vertical position Heavy Duty Reel Lifter Clamp Attachment - tilted position Reel Lifter Clamp Attachment in the horizontal position

Heavy Duty Clamp AttachmentsHeavy Duty Lifting and Handling Equipment - CLE5996-1 Clamp 500-800 dia

This range of clamps offers solutions for a number of reel sizes and loads up to 450kg depending on the reel.