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About Packaging International
Being a web company for the better part of the last 15 years we have a wealth of experience of online platforms. Most content platforms are far to complex, poorly managed and poorly maintained, with Packaging International we have created a unique platform with which both buyers and suppliers across the globe are provided with an effective platform of communication to get their message out.

Who uses our platform?
Our website is built from the ground up to cater for all companies. Be it a small business just starting out or a larger multinational corporation. Companies of all sizes use our portals (we currently have many portals covering different industries) on a daily basis to get their message out.

Always on Hand...
We appreciate that sometimes our customers need help with their content, be it from an SEO point of view or perhaps a design point of view - we are always on hand to offer advice and help for our customers to maximise the effectiveness of their content.

We pride ourselves on both our site network and our teams of staff that work tirelessly to ensure that our content is both relevant and up to date. We use key SEO metrics to track and optimise our sites so that they gather the very best of results.

Packaging International is part of the Copybook group of companies. We run many different industry portals as well as several other web projects. Please visit copybook.com for more information.